Leadership: Field Manager Process – Employee Discharge

Field Manager should ensure corrective discipline is consistent. Communicate with your Regional Deputy Director, Human Resources Management, Employee Relations (405-522-2089) and ensure Legal Services (405-521-3638) has been consulted.

Example of Proposed Discharge Letter

Discipline Action Distribution Chart

For further information regarding causes for Disciplinary Action, refer to the SOP.

Once a discharge date has been determined.

  • Email Servicedesk@omes.ok.gov and DSD.Security@okdhs.org to deactivate the employee and remove from email access, provide the employee’s U number
  • Email AFS.Security@okdhs.org to remove permissions, provide the employee’s U number
  • Contact Financial Services, Payroll Unit (405-521-2610), HR Management Specialist (405-521-3661), and the HR Programs Manager (405-521-2364) to notify them of the employee discharge date to prevent an overpayment
  • Send a copy of the signed discharge notice to Legal Services (405-521-3638)
  • Collect from the employee DHS ID badge and any state owned property, keys, phones, laptops, etc.
  • Have the employee sign their timesheet
  • Change the door codes.
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