Management: Contract Monitoring Report Example

Monitoring Notes
Indio Community Action Agency
TANF Transportation Contract PA #0010011111
_________ County
Date ___________

A site visit was made to the Indio Community Action Agency office located at 123 N Main St in Indio, Oklahoma on _________ by _________, SSSIV. ________ from Indio was interviewed and presented information for report. All appear to be clear on the deliverables. An invoice for transportation for TANF Recipients is received monthly and reviewed by local DHS supervisor. Attached to the invoice is a “TANF Report” for each individual that is transported listing name, case number, number of children, town of residence, date, odometer on, odometer off, total number of miles, and van number.

  1. Referrals for service to vendor are made by email. Rural Transit Data Collection Sheets (ODOT data intake form 101) otherwise known as DHS/Trip Sheets were viewed. Information included the TANF client’s name, case number, pick up time, address and odometer reading, then same with drop off. In an effort to verify information is accurate, client’s signature is required on this form.
  2. I viewed the files of the 33 drivers who work the ________ County area. All appeared to have a valid driver’s license. DPS driver records checks were made for 3 drivers in 2006, 26 in 2007, 4 in 2008, OSBI background checks were made for 2 drivers in 2006, 26 in 2007, 4 in 2008.
  3. TMHC Services, Inc. provides random, pre-employment, and post-accident drug testing access system. From July 2007 thru Dec 2007, 3 drivers were random drug tested. From Jan 1, 2008 to present 2 drivers were random drug tested.
  4. A copy of ACORD Certification of Liability Insurance dated 01/15/2008 was presented showing policy effective date of 1/15/2008, expiration date of 01/15/2009, single combined limit $1,000,000.
  5. Certified Independent Audit not required as contract amount is $31,872.00.

Report reviewed by County Director, ___________ on 3/4/08.

___________, SSSIV
___________, County
508-208-3400 x 3465
FAX 580-208-3500

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