Leadership: Contract Monitoring

A monitoring visit is required each contract year (unless an unusual situation such as the vendor office is located out of state, etc.) for each Adult and Family Services contract. This email is concerning the TANF transportation contract in your county. When you have made the site visit and have written a report please forward a copy to Melanie Silva and we will make sure that it is updated on the “AFS Contract Tracking” report on the W drive. On your monitoring report please include the PA number of the contract and the date you made the site visit.

When making your site visits remember to:

  1. ensure that all parties are clear on the deliverables;
  2. clarify what mechanism the vendor has in place to monitor the deliverables (you will want to do a spot check of these)
  3. review/check invoicing format and procedures; and
  4. clarify what supporting documentation is being used to justify expenditures, per the budget (you will want to spot check invoices and supporting documentation).

When writing your monitoring notes be sure and show that you have done the above. When OIG audits a contract they ask for the monitoring notes to see how we verified the contract is being followed. One of the main purposes of the site is to insure we are getting the deliverable DHS is paying for and the billing is correct and in accordance with the budget and contract.

From looking at OIG audit reports that have been completed on TANF transportation contracts, it appears the following were looked at and would be a good guideline to follow when doing the contract monitoring:

  1. Copy of TW-3 referrals and trip logs maintained
  2. Driver license info, DPS driver records, and OSBI background checks maintained and updated on regular basis to ensure driver info is kept current
  3. Random alcohol/drug testing of drivers
  4. Liability Insurance current and in effect
  5. Certified Independent Audit (not required if contract is less than $50,000)

Melanie Silva
Phone 405-521-4402
Fax 405-521-4158

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