Interviewing: Using the Language Line

The following are instructions on using Language Line for phone contacts and interviews.

For telephone interviews:

  1. Use phone’s conference feature to put the client on hold.
  2. Dial 1-866-874-3972 (Begin with this step for Face-To-Face interviews)
  3. Provide the AFS ID # (Obtain ID # from your supervisor). There is a number for County Office Staff and another number for Support Center Staff.
  4. Select the language you need:
    1. Press 1 for Spanish
    2. Press 2 for all other languages (State the name of the language needed. **Press 0 for assistance if you do not know the language)
      **You will be connected to an interpreter now**
  5. Brief the Interpreter (Summarize what you wish to accomplish and provide any special instructions)
  6. Add client to the call (for telephone interviews).
  7. Once the interview or contact is completed, say “End of Call” to the interpreter.


When placing an outbound call to a LEP, begin at Step 2.  If you need assistance placing a call to the LEP, Please inform the interpreter or agent at the beginning of the call.

When the LEP is face-to-face with you begin at Step 2.  Once the interpreter joins the line, brief him/her and place the phone on “Speaker” mode or pass the handset back-and-forth.

Refer to How to Establish Language Interpretation Services.

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