Interviewing: How to Establish Language Interpretation Services

Telephonic and Written Interpretation Services

The purchase order established with Language Line Services is for telephonic interpretation services. This service is available 24/7/365. If using the service when the client is present, it is helpful to have a speaker phone. If necessary the service can also be used from remote locations like the client’s home during a home visit.

  • Prior to conferencing in the LEP (Limited English Proficiency) speaker, advise the interpreter of the nature of the call: information, telephone interview etc. to help them prepare for the call.
  • Try to keep paragraphs / questions short and concise to make it easier for both the interpreter and LEP speakers to follow.
  • In the event that the LEP speaker uses profanity in their native language, the interpreter will inform you of such. It is not necessary for the interpreter to translate the profanity. Inform the LEP speaker that profanity will not be tolerated, and that if it continues the call will be terminated. If it does continue, inform the LEP speaker that you are terminating the call, and advise the interpreter that the call has ended.

This vendor is also able to provide written translation services as needed. This service is not often utilized, but the need has arisen in the past.

In Person Interpretation Services

Occasionally a needed arises for interpretation services to be provided in person for non-English languages. These will be addressed on a case by case basis, as they are few and far between. The use of the telephonic interpretation services is encouraged over the use of in person telephonic services as they are much more cost effective.

Sign Language Interpretation Services

**New FY22 PO #s, effective July 1, for AFS staff ONLY**

All other divisions will have their own PO #s for services. Please refer to those divisions for PO #s, if not already received.

For sign language services, 2 purchase orders have been established: one with Tulsa Source for Hearing-loss and Access (TSHA), the other with Sign Language Referral Services (SLRS).

The PO for TSHA is PO#800006

The PO for SLRS is PO#800005

For those closer to Tulsa, use the TSHA PO. Those closer to Oklahoma City should use the SLRS PO.

  • TSHA contact information: Tulsa: (918) 832-8742 v/tty
  • OKC: (405) 228-4064 v/ty Toll Free: (888) 311-3523 v/tty
  • SLRS contact information: (405) 721-0800 or (888) 842-9460
  • TTY/TDD: (405) 721-0847 or (888) 842-9953

Please remember when you call to make arrangements for services, you need to give your name, the division you work in (Adult & Family Services) and the PO#.

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