FACS: UpdatedHow to Generate the Interview Notice through FACS

As listed in the Standard Operating Procedures, when an application is received, text messaging and attempts to “cold call” the client by phone should be completed and documented in case notes to conduct the interview immediately. However, if the client is unavailable, send the client a notice of interview by using  form 08AD091E (Interview Notice) . This notice should be uploaded into Onbase and then sent by Centralized mail procedures.

The Standard Operating procedure says that all interview notices should be sent for 7 days, regardless of weekends or holidays. For example, if you issue the notice on July 7th, the interview should be completed by July 15th.

To code in Current, use the outcome of pend with due date. The due date would be set for 10 days regardless of weekends or holidays, and the reason would be “pending-interview”. For more information on how to code in current, see Outcome guide.

How to Generate the Interview Notice through FACS:

  1. Open the case in FACS.
  2. Click on the GENERATE FORMS button on the FACS tool bar.
    FACS tool bar
  3. Choose Form Name 08AD091E (Interview Notice).
  4. Click on GENERATE FORM button.
    Generate Form button on the Generate Form screen
  5. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Generate form which generates the form.
    Highlight generate form
  6. Use Centralized mail procedures to send to customer.
  7. Upload a copy to Onbase by using the ‘Send to Onbase’ button.
    Highlight send to onbase
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