ACES: Resolving a Prisoner Data Exchange (PRS) Discrepancy

The Prisoner Data Exchange (PRS) Discrepancy is a prisoner data match that indicates a household member is possibly incarcerated and therefore may no longer live in the residence.

First attempt to verify the client’s imprisonment by viewing the Department of Corrections website, or the county jail website.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

  • If any of these websites verify that the client is not currently in jail or show a release date for the client; create a case note that indicates which verification you used to clear the discrepancy, and then clear the discrepancy
  • If the website verifies the client is currently in jail and has been for over 30 days; create a case note that indicates which verification was used to determine that the individual is currently incarcerated. Then, take action on the case. If it is a one-person household or if the incarcerated individual is the payee on the case, close the case for the next effective month. The other household members are encouraged to apply on their own case. If the incarcerated individual is not the payee, remove the person from the SNAP case effective the next month. After taking action on the case; clear the discrepancy.
  • If you cannot find any information regarding the client’s imprisonment on the listed websites, you must send an ADM-92 requesting the client contact the office regarding the recent imprisonment.
  • If the case is a change reporting household and there is no response to the ADM-92 within the 10-day timeframe, you must close the case for the next effective month on reason ‘45-Failure to Provide Verification’.
  • If the case is a semi-annual or annual reporter, and there is no response, the federal rules require us to remove the individual and the individual’s income from SNAP. Remove the client from the case (S/R) with reason ‘other’. If it is a one-person household, closes the case for the next effective date.

Refer to the following article for instructions on clearing G1DX edits. (DXD) Transaction): ACES: How to Clear G1DX Edits

Use ‘PRS’ for the Data Type and Error Type for Prisoner Data Exchange Discrepancies.

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