ACES: Resolving a Social Security Number (ENU) Discrepancy

This discrepancy is received when the social security number, date of birth, or gender provided for a client is not verified with Social Security. When this edit is received, the worker should check Imaging Work flow for documents that have the client’s information listed. The worker should compare the information provided to the information coded in FACS. If the information is different, the worker should update the information, case note the updates, and clear the discrepancy. If the information is the same, the worker should contact the client to obtain the correct information. If no contact can be made, the worker should mail an ADM-92 requesting the correct information. If the information is provided, the worker should make the appropriate updates to the case, case note the updates, and clear the discrepancy.

If no information is received, the worker should S/O the individual for the next effective month, case note the change, and clears the discrepancy.

Refer to the following article for instructions on clearing G1DX edits (DXD Transaction): ACES: How to Clear G1DX Edits

Use ‘ENU’ for the Data Type and Error Type for SSN Enumeration History (ENU) discrepancies.

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