NewSNAP Changes: SNAP and BENDEX

Addressing how to complete SDX and BENDEX changes for SNAP program

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

Unclear Information in NON-Report Month

Guidance on Addressing Unclear Information

Resolving a Social Security Number (ENU) Discrepancy

Guidelines for ENU Discrepancy

Resolving a Prisoner Data Exchange (PRS) Discrepancy

The Prisoner Data Exchange (PRS) Discrepancy is a prisoner data match that indicates a household member is possibly incarcerated and therefore may no longer live in the residence. First attempt to verify the client’s imprisonment by viewing the Department of Corrections website, or the county jail website. Oklahoma Department of Corrections If any of these […]

Resolving a Date of Death (DOD) Discrepancy

Steps to take with Date of Death Data Discrepancy

Prisoner Report (PRS)

Gives information and instructions concerning G1DX edit Prisoner Report (PRS)

UpdatedResolving an Unemployment Compensation (UIB) Discrepancy

Unemployment Benefits Information UIB

Resolving an Employment History (OWG) Discrepancy

Resolving /clearing OWG discrepancy.

Resolving a State New Hire List (SNH)/National New Hire (NNH) Discrepancy

Resolving /clearing NHL discrepancy.