Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Annual Report: Potential SSP Eligible Cases

An annual report is run yearly at the beginning of November and is distributed to the county office by mid-November. This report identifies cases that aren’t issuing the SSP (State Supplemental Payment) but appears to be eligible for the payment.

The intention is for county staff, prior to the next year, to determine if each client is eligible for the SSP and/or if the client is interested in receiving the payment.

Eligibility Steps to Use

The steps in this article apply to all reports generated from 11/01/2019 forward.

  • When determining if the client is eligible for the SSP, other criteria besides income and resource standards will need to be met. Refer to article ABD: State Supplemental Payment (SSP) Who can be eligible? for all criteria.
  • If the client is eligible, mail a PS-1 and ADM-92 for the client to formally apply for SSP.
  • If the case went into Special Medical status, determine if the client actually meets the criteria for one of the Special Medical categories. Refer to article ABD: Special Medical.
  • If the client remains eligible for the SSP, refer to article ABD: How to Move a Case from Special Medical to SSP for instructions to reopen the SSP.
  • If the client isn’t eligible for the SSP, but is eligible for QMBP, SLMB, or QI-1, close the Finance tab and make the appropriate changes to the rest of the case.

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