NewSSP Best Practices

Answers to some common questions about the Debit Card/Direct Deposit for cash benefits

Primary and Secondary Cases (Companion Coding)

Instructions regarding Companion Coding

EA Screens & Companion Cases

Examples of EA Screens and Companion Cases

UpdatedLIHEAP Non-Participant Vendor – Direct Payment to the Client

Instructions for Direct Payments to Clients

One Third Reduction Rule

Instructions regarding One Third Reduction Rule for Someone Living with Another Household

$20 General Income Exclusion

327:35-5-42(d)(1)and(5)(B) The General Income Exclusion (GIE) is a $20 per month income deduction. It is mostly used to bring down countable income that is barely over the standard, so the client can be eligible for a particular benefit. For QMB, SLMB and QI-1, the GIE can be used on unearned or earned income but never […]

Annual Report: Potential SSP Eligible Cases

How to handle cases on the Annual SSP List

UpdatedProcess for Closing Medical (Death)

Process for closing medical on reason of death.

Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

How to divide the income deductions in FACS between an eligible individual and the ineligible spouse.

Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) Custody and ABD-Related Eligibility

ABD-Related Benefits and OJA