Administrative Assistant Processes: ERC – Employee Recognition Committee

OKDHS acknowledges the benefits of employee recognition awards and activities that honor staff whose performance and conduct are exceptional and enhance the delivery of benefits and services. All AFS and non-AFS staff are eligible to participate in Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) activities.

Best Practices:

ERC Committee strives to stimulate employee morale and productivity through recognition awards and activities.

Offices may choose to have fund raising events depending on the ERC committee’s decision. No raffles are allowed of any type. *Fundraisers are subject to the supervision and discretion of the county director who ensures the appropriate “use, availability, and security” of the local office.

ERC monies should be kept locked and through documented records kept. If County ERC bank account is obtained DHS may not be on the account name. Examples: ERC Account or Employee Fund etc. These funds are kept for office parties and ERC events for the employees of this office.


Each year, usually in January, the County office selects a new ERC committee. AFS AA II obtains ERC volunteer request from each Supervisors and/ or units for volunteers. This committee may meet monthly or as deemed necessary.

OKDHS: 2-1-3 Employee Recognition

OKDHS Employee Recognition and Awards

It is good practice to have each committee submit a “General Statement of Purpose” each year that includes the organizations intentions and the member guidelines to refer to should a problem arise. For a detailed example, refer to the ERC Operating Standards link on the Employee Recognition Committee page.

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