UpdatedHow to Establish Language Interpretation Services

Information on Establishing Language Interpretation Services


FACS Interview Guide / Desk Reference for SNAP

How to Generate the Interview Notice through FACS

Generating Interview Notice Through FACS

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

Confidentiality – A Guide for Interviews

The Department of Human Services has a strict policy on confidentiality. DHS employees are prohibited from accessing or viewing client records for any reason other than performance of assigned duties. The information I enter into the data base will only be accessed or discussed among the staff handling your case record to determine eligibility. “However, […]

The Importance of Congruent Communication

A communication pattern in which the person sends the same message on both verbal and nonverbal levels.

UpdatedQuestionable Information

Questionable information – is information provided by the client that is inconsistent with previous statements made by the client, other information in the case record, or other information received by DHS.  This information must be resolved if it could affect the household’s eligibility to receive the benefit.  Policy regarding this term is located at: LIHEAP: 340:20-1-11. […]

Blended Unit Type

What is the Blended Unit Type? The blended unit type is used for school-aged children when care is needed part-time on school days and full-time on school holidays. There are two blended unit types traditional and extended. Blended Traditional Blended traditional is approved when the child attends a school with a traditional nine-month school calendar. […]