IMS: IMS Transactions: ABWU (ABAWD Tracking System Corrections)

The ABWU transaction is used to make corrections to ABWI.

To access the ABWU transaction:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Enter ABWI <space> SSN
  4. Tab down to ‘Next’ field and enter ‘ABWU’
  5. Press Enter

ABWU displays the same calendar grid with codes, but the code shown for each month can be changed or deleted when corrections are needed.


  1. 1. The client had the ABAWD status code on the case in F172 of ‘K’ when benefits for November issued. It is determined later that the client was actually meeting ABAWD work requirements that month.
    1. Go to the field for November in the applicable year.
    2. Put your cursor on the ‘K’ code and overtype it with ‘W’
    3. Press Enter

This will update the code for November on ABWI. If November was the first month the client had a ‘K’ or ‘P’ code, the total months count will reset to zero.

  1. A client who was coded with ‘K’ during a previous period of SNAP receipt applies for disaster SNAP. Disaster SNAP policy does not involve ABAWD work requirements so the month these benefits are issued should not count as a ‘K’. ‘K’ was left coded in F172 when D-SNAP benefits issued.
    1. Go to the D-SNAP month in the applicable year.
    2. Put your cursor on the ‘K’ code and space through it.
    3. Press Enter

Some additional things to know:

  • All months before October 2013 will be blank for all clients
  • After October 2013, blank fields indicate the client did not receive SNAP benefits that month or received a D-SNAP benefit.
  • Do not delete codes starting October 2013 unless it was a D-SNAP month. For other months, update them to the correct codes if needed.
  • Updates through ABWU do not change the ABAWD status coding on the case in FACS
  • Updates through ABWU do not alter the ABAWD status codes on the BNP or BNS screens

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