UpdatedIMS Transactions: ABWU (ABAWD Tracking System Corrections)

The ABWU transaction is used to make corrections to ABWI. To access the ABWU transaction: Login to IMS Clear the screen Enter ABWI <space> SSN Tab down to ‘Next’ field and enter ‘ABWU’ Press Enter ABWU displays the same calendar grid with codes, but the code shown for each month can be changed or deleted […]

UpdatedABAWD and Work Registration Screen Scenarios

ABAWD Scenarios

ABAWD: ABWO Update Out-of-State SNAP Benefit

ABWO Transaction

ABAWD Countable ABAWD’s (Using 3 Free ‘K’ Months)

If a person is not working a minimum of 20 hours per week and receiving compensation for that work and is not otherwise exempt for the ABAWD policy, then they are considered to be “Countable ABAWD’s”. They are limited to receiving 3 full months of benefits. If the initial cert month is not a full certification month, it is not considered to their 3 month limit.