LIHEAP Notices

Instructions regarding LIHEAP Notices

CD7 LIHEAP Indicator

The CD7 LIHEAP indicator can only be found on the EA screen in IMS. An example of the CD7 LIHEAP indicator is shown here. The CD7 liheap indicator is an old module in IMS. Please ignore any indicator in this field on the EA screen. The CD7 LIHEAP IND blocks mean absolutely nothing. Refer to […]

IMS Screens & Transactions Index

Alphabetized list of IMS Screens & Transactions

How to Clear TPL Edits

Instructions for clearing Third Party Liability Edits

Child Support Calculator Overview

Overview of information regarding the Child Support Calculator

How to Search for a Member Record

How to Search for a Member Record by IMS Case Number

Harmony Procedures – New Application Nursing Facility (NF)

Explanation of Harmony Procedures for a NEW application (NF)

UpdatedHow to Read 105 Screens

Instructions regarding 105 Screens and LIHEAP / ECAP Information

TR Transaction

Instructions regarding TR Transaction in IMS for Case Transfers and Address Changes

How to Check the Status of LIHEAP Application

Instructions on checking the status of LIHEAP Applications.