SNAP Work Rules Rights and Responsibilities

SNAP Work Rules Script / ABAWD

Oral Communication of Work Registration and ABAWD

Policy Changes related to July 2021

UpdatedOK SNAP Works Referral Process

Referral Process for OK SNAP Works

ABAWD, Student Eligibility, and Work Registration Coding Examples

Examples of Coding with regards to ABAWD, Student Status, and Work Registration.


Explanation of Updated Policy on SNAP Resources regarding Substantial Lottery Winnings & Sponsored Aliens.

UpdatedABAWD Eligibility Requirements

Temporary Set-Aside of ABAWD Eligibility Requirements

IMS Transactions: ABWU (ABAWD Tracking System Corrections)

The ABWU transaction is used to make corrections to ABWI. To access the ABWU transaction: Login to IMS Clear the screen Enter ABWI <space> SSN Tab down to ‘Next’ field and enter ‘ABWU’ Press Enter ABWU displays the same calendar grid with codes, but the code shown for each month can be changed or deleted […]

Individual SNAP Household Eligibility

Document to host the Individual SNAP Household Eligibility

Work Registration

QUIZ Work Registration

ABAWD and Work Registration Screen Scenarios

ABAWD Scenarios