Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Medical Applications & DDS Services

Currently Oklahoma Human Services Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) operates 4 waiver programs.

  • Community Waiver
  • In-Home Waiver for Adults
  • In-Home Waiver for Children
  • Homeward Bound Waiver

Oklahoma Human Services determines income eligibility for the individual applying for medical services. Categorical relationship for the Home Based Community Waivers can be through Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD) or for Non-ABD related, the individual must be in OHCA’s online enrollment population. Applicable policy is found in 317:35-9.

For individuals already receiving DDS services or individuals that are coming off of the waiting list; income guidelines used for ABD individuals is Schedule VIII.B.1 for income and Schedule VIII.D for resources.

If the child is currently on the DDS waiting list, we have to use SSP and QMBP policy to determine income eligibility for medical until DDS states the child is coming off the list to receive waiver services. As long as the child is eligible for SSP or QMBP, we deem income and resources from the parents. Once the child is coming off the waiting list, we then can use Schedule VIII.B.1 for income and Schedule VIII.D for resources. Also we begin to use LTC policy and there is no more deeming from the parents to the child.

Refer to the following articles regarding other programs that offer medical or buy-in (payment of Medicare part B premium):

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