Diversion Assistance

Diversion Assistance (DA) is a one-time payment to assist in an immediate need to retain or obtain employment. An applicant may only be approved for DA once in his or her lifetime and once approved, the family is not eligible to receive a TANF cash assistance payment for 12 calendar months. Therefore, it is vital […]

Diversion Assistance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Diversion Assistance Program.

Medical Applications & DDS Services

Information regarding applications for medical related to DDS services

Tuberculosis (TB) Cases

317:35-5-4.(4) 317:35-5-47 317:35-7-60(a)(5) 317:35-7-44   The TB program is intended to cover treatment for the condition. It does not provide full SoonerCare coverage. If applicant wants full SoonerCare but is not age 65 or older, s/he will need to apply with Social Security to get a disability decision. What is needed to determine eligibility Verification […]

30 Day Out of Home Requirement (ICF or ICF/IID Institutionalization)

Intended to explain when payment can be made for ICF or ICF/IID care and which income/resource guidelines are used.

30 Day Out of Home Requirement (Hospital & Skilled Care)

Exceptions to the rules

Appendix C-1

Link to Appendix C-1

Income – Social Security COLA and Continued Eligibility

When the annual COLA makes a client over income, the benefit can stay open till the new standards come out.

How to Complete the Title XIX Worksheet (Community Spouse)

Instructions on Completing the MA-12

Determining Eligibility of ABD Couples (Short Term Programs)

How to use the income standards in determining eligibility for an Eligible Couple.