County Director Process – County Office Committees Oversight

Guidelines for Committees

Quality Standards Campaign Materials

The following are links to a variety of publications that make up the Quality Standards Campaign Materials. There is an assortment of Banners, Peer-to-Peer Cards, Posters, and Formal Certificates to serve as reminders for practicing Quality Service and for recognizing employees that demonstrate excellence in any of the key areas of Safety, Integrity, Professionalism, and […]

Professionalism – Tips to Overcome Barriers to Developing Professionalism

(1)“I don’t have enough time.” New and experienced workers and supervisors can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of work coming at them on any given day.  “How do I prioritize and juggle all the demands?” Resources: Time Management Checklist Refer to article: Collaborative Coaching: Collaborative Coaching Gemba Card (2)“I don’t know what’s expected of […]