AFS Policy: UpdatedAdoption

Adoption – is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents, and, in so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the biological parent or parents.  Policy regarding adoption or adopted parent or child is located at:

  • SoonerCare (Medicaid)[ABD]:
    • 317:35-1-2. Definitions;
    • 317:35-5-25. Citizenship/alien status and identity verification requirements;
    • 317:35-5-41.2. Miscellaneous Personal property;
    • 317:35-5-42. Determination of countable income for individuals categorically related to aged, blind and disabled;
    • 317:35-5-43. Third party resources, insurance, workers’ compensation and Medicare;
    • 317:35-5-63. Agency responsible for determination of eligibility;
    • 317:35-7-62. Special redetermination procedures for children in custody or subsidized adoption; and
    • 317:35-9-15. Medicaid recovery,
    • 317:35-19-4. Medicaid recovery.
  • SoonerCare (Medicaid)[OE]:
    • 317:35-1-2. Definitions;
    • 317:35-5-2. Categorically related programs;
    • 317:35-5-25. Citizenship/alien status and identity verification requirements;
    • 317:35-5-63. Agency responsible for determination of eligibility;
    • 317:35-6-36. Financial eligibility of individuals categorically related to AFDC or pregnancy-related services or expansion adults;
    • 317:35-6-42. MAGI household composition, exceptions to tax filer rules;
    • 317:35-6-43. MAGI household composition; non-filers; and
    • 317:35-6-64.1. Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA).
  • TANF:
    • 340:10-3-9. Family Relations as a Resource;
    • 340:10-3-10. Maximum resources;
    • 340:10-3-26. General provisions regarding income;
    • 340:10-3-30. When to consider the income of a relative-payee;
    • 340:10-3-56. Household composition;
    • 340:10-3-57. Special considerations;
    • 340:10-3-75. Continued medical benefits (CMB);
    • 340:10-9-1. Relationship of payee to child;
    • 340:10-10-1, Deprivation of parental support or care by a natural or adoptive parent;
    • 340:10-10-2. Physical or mental incapacity of the natural or adoptive parent;
    • 340:10-10-3. Unemployed parent;
    • 340:10-10-4. Continued absence of the natural or adoptive parent(s) from the home;
    • 340:10-10-5. Requirement for assignment of support rights and cooperation;
    • 340:10-10-6. Good cause;
    • 340:10-19-2. Emergency assistance to needy families with children; and
    • 340:10-19-3. Eligibility conditions for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-Emergency Assistance (TANF-EA).

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