SNAP: ABAWD Regaining Eligibility

If a person uses their 3 Countable Months and loses their SNAP eligibility, they can regain eligibility if they work at least 80 hours in any 30 day period following the expiration of the SNAP benefits.

Some Frequently Asked Questions are listed below:

Q1. An ABAWD client received her first 3 free “K” months of benefits. Several months later she reapplies and has worked 80 hours in a 30-day period while not receiving benefits, but is no longer employed. Has she regained eligibility for the 3 additional consecutive months?
Yes. The criterion for regaining eligibility is to have worked at least 80 hours in ANY 30-day period following the expiration of SNAP benefits.
Q2. My client initially applied for SNAP benefits on 10-1-20. He was coded as “K” (initial ABAWD not meeting the work rule” for October, November and December 2020.  The client regained eligibility by working 80 hours in the month of February 2021. The client has continued that employment, and is currently working an average of 20 hours per week at the time of his SNAP application (3-11-21). I have certified him, effective 03-11-21, and have coded him “regained eligibility—maintaining 20 hour per week employment” (M).  What happens if the client loses this job?
The client would be eligible for Y months if they have not yet received them. If only one Y month is used, the other 2 Y months are lost if there is a break. Y months have to be consecutive. After the Y months, the case would be closed on reason 80, for not meeting the work rule or an exemption.
Q3. We have a 02-10-21 application where the client had already used “K” months October, November and December 2020. The client was Interviewed on 02-22-21, and showed proof that he had worked 80 hours between 02-01-21 and 02-22-21. Do I deny the 02-10-21 app and give app date of the 22nd?
Yes. The client can only regain eligibility while not receiving benefits. Deny the 02-10-21 application with reason “80 – ABAWD without required work history.” Certify benefits beginning 02-22-21, the date the client completed 80 hours of work.

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