SNAP: ABAWD: Overview

ABAWD stands for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents. Every ABAWD is entitled to three full months of SNAP in a 36 month period without meeting the work requirement. Once the initial 3 full months have expired, the individual can continue to receive SNAP if they meet an exemption or the individual can regain eligibility for an additional 3 consecutive months (see requirements for regaining eligibility below).

It is important to determine ABAWD status at every certification and renewal to prevent overpayment of benefits. ABAWD status is recorded in the tracking system and the worker must case note the way ABAWD status was determined.

After the initial three “free” months, an ABAWD may regain eligibility for an additional three consecutive months by showing 80 hours worked in a 30 day period since last receipt of benefits.

After these additional three months, they must either meet the work rule* or meet an exemption or will not be eligible to receive additional SNAP benefits until the 36 months are over.

Reference the following articles for additional information concerning ABAWD:

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