SNAP: UpdatedABAWD Meeting the Work Rule

If a person is working a minimum of 20 hours per week and receiving compensation for that work, then he is said to be “Meeting the Work Rule” and receive SNAP benefits without any time limit. However, the client must report if their hours drop below 20 per week so we can update the case status.

Some Frequently Asked Questions are listed below:

Q1. If a person works 20 hours a week at his apartment complex in exchange for the monthly rent expense, is he exempt from the ABAWD requirements?
Yes. This person would not be considered “exempt” by definition in the policy, 50-5-100 . This person would be considered as “meeting the work rule” defined as “working continuously 20 hours per week, averaged 80 per month, for some form of compensation.” Compensation can be working for the rent, working for pay, etc. As long as he continues to work for some form of compensation, then he may continue to apply and be determined eligible for SNAP benefits with no time limits, as he/she is meeting the ABAWD work rule.
Q2. Must we verify the number of hours worked?
Yes. It is important to verify this for regular and self-employment income. Make sure case notes are adequately documented.
Q3. Is a person who works over 20 hours a week for a non-profit organization as a volunteer exempt from the ABAWD requirements?
Yes. This person is obtaining a work experience which may turn into a paid position or help the individual obtain other employment.
Q4. If meeting work rule and falls below 20 hours/week and is now ineligible after receipt of 3 free “K” months , etc., who closes the case—the Worker or Remedy?
Worker can close the food benefits with reason “80 – ABAWD without required work history.”
Q5. If a person works 15 hours per week at Taco Bell and volunteers 5 hours per week for a religious/community organization, are they meeting the ABAWD requirement?
Yes, the combination of working and volunteering equals 20 hours per week. The client is considered an ABAWD meeting the work rule and would be coded as “W” in IMS.

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