FACS: Coding Incapacity for TANF

Case remains in application status until incapacity is approved through LOCEU. Once LOCEU approves submitted incapacity you may certify TANF and code as follows:

  1. On the TANF Work tab in FACS

    • Payee/Spouse Grant Indicator (F12) block for both parents: “PARENT OR CARETAKER RELATIVE INCLUDED IN GRANT/REQUIRED WORK REGISTRANT”
    • TANF Work Status (F154) block:
      • for parent with approved incapacity decision: “DISABLED INDIVIDUAL”
      • for other parent with no documented need to care for disabled individual: “REQUIRED PARTICIPANT”
      • for other parent with documented need to care for disabled individual: “CARETAKER OF DISABLED INDIVIDUAL

    TANF Work Tab - 'Payee/Spouse Grant Indicator' and 'TANF Work Status' highlighted

  2. On the Medical Gen tab in FACS

    • Medical Evaluation Date (D26): input with review date listed on MDL*

    *MDL/MDI transaction used in IMS for status of incapacity decision and to determine if more information is needed or when review is due.Medical Gen tab - Medical Evaluation Date highlighted

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