Premature Infant Medical

Information regarding medical application for Premature Infant

UpdatedApplications – SSP & Medical Pending Social Security Decision

Q&A on New ABD applications with pending SSA decision.

Medical Eligibility and Data Tracking System (MEDATS)

How to read the MEDATS (MDL and MDI) screens

ICF/IID Authorizations vs. ICF Authorizations

Differences in coding between ICF Authorizations and ICF/IID Authorizations.

Categorical Relationship – ABD Eligibility after SSI Closure

A client may still be eligible for DHS disability and blindness related benefits if SSI closes their benefit for income or resources.

How to Certify Alien Emergency Medical

The steps to take in certifying someone for emergency medical.

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)

Policy Link Regarding TEFRA

Level of Care Evaluation Unit (LOCEU)

LOCEU – acronym used for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s Level of Care Evaluation Unit.

How to Get Approval for Alien Emergency Services

If an undocumented or non-qualified alien applies for medical assistance, it is possible that they could be approved for Alien Emergency Services to cover the medical bills.