IRS 1095-B Tax Form

Medicaid Qualifying Coverage Verification

LIHEAP Non-Participant Vendor – Direct Payment to the Client

Instructions for Direct Payments to Clients

TANF COVID 19 Procedures

Special COVID-19 Procedures Related to TANF

Hardship Extension Procedures

Procedure for Hardship Extensions

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Out-of-State Verification of Benefits

TANF Eligibility Verification Guide

Eligibility Factors and Acceptable Verification

Instructions for 60 Month TANF Time Limit

Step by Step Instructions for 60 Month TANF Time Limit Deadlines

Flex Fund and Supportive Fund Balance Inquiry

Instructions on finding balances in the Flex and Supportive funds.

TANF Disqualification

TANF Fraud and Disqualification

TANF and Child Care

Child care may be approved for any activity that is included on a TANF client’s TW-2, TANF Work/Personal Responsibility Agreement. When a TANF case closes for failure to participate in the TANF work activity (52A), the worker closes the child care benefit effective 90-calendar days from the date the client stops participating. When TANF closes […]