NewBroad Based Categorical Eligibility Policy

Information regarding BBCE and Procedures associated with it.

NewSubstance Abuse Policy Changes

Policy changes outlined concerning Substance Misuse

NewHousehold Composition and Expectant Parent

Policy changes concerning Expectant Parents and TANF Household Composition

How to Process a Diversion Denial

Processing Diversion Denials

Primary and Secondary Cases (Companion Coding)

Instructions regarding Companion Coding

IRS 1095-B Tax Form

Medicaid Qualifying Coverage Verification

LIHEAP Non-Participant Vendor – Direct Payment to the Client

Instructions for Direct Payments to Clients

TANF COVID 19 Procedures

Special COVID-19 Procedures Related to TANF

Hardship Extension Procedures

Procedure for Hardship Extensions

Updated12/04/2023 National Directory of Contacts

Out-of-State Verification of Benefits