TANF: Home Visits

Home visits are an integral part of providing services/benefits and promoting safety and stability for families.

Home visits are appropriate when:

  • Confirmation of the accuracy of information cannot be obtained from other sources
  • An office visit would create a hardship on the household
  • A TANF case is closed due to failure to cooperate with TANF Work*
  • Protective Services are needed

Workers may make home visits or other client contacts outside normal working hours when it is the best interest of the client, but this must be approved by appropriate supervisory personnel.

*Procedures following closure of TANF benefit due to failure to cooperate with the agreed upon TANF Work plan:

  • If there has been no contact with the TANF family within 30 days after the case closure, a home visit is made to determine the family’s circumstances unless the worker has issues of personal safety.
  • If there has been contact with the family regarding other benefits besides TANF, this meets the contact requirement within 30 days after case closure.
  • The FACS case notes must be documented regarding the home visit or other source of contact.
  • Information in case notes should include the type of contact, dates of contact and the family’s circumstances.
  • If a home visit is not made, case notes should indicate why there was no home visit.
  • A contact with Child Welfare may be appropriate prior to or after the home visit.
  • CWA Report 70 is a reminder tool provided to the worker for the 30-day follow-up.

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