COVID-19 Related Child Care Initiative

Child Welfare Related Child Care Initiative

Protective Services Alert (PSA)

Protective Services Alert (PSA) – A code that alerts both KIDS and IMS systems to communicate when Child Welfare has identified an unsafe or high risk child who they cannot find. Its purpose is to notify staff that if the family makes contact with a county office, Child Welfare needs to be notified immediately. The […]

Eligibility – Supported Permanency Program

The Supported Permanency Program was designed to promote permanency for a child(ren) who is in DHS custody and placed with a relative residing in Oklahoma. No biological or adoptive parent can be in the home. For a child to be eligible the TANF worker must receive a referral on Form 04PP006E (DCFS-77) from the Child […]

Applications: AFS or Child Welfare?

Child Welfare workers process applications when: A foster parent is the requestor, whether they receive a payment or not A foster parent of a child in tribal custody with an open resource in KIDS The child welfare worker recommends child care for protective/preventive purposes and there is an open child welfare case There is a […]

Home Visits

Home visits are an integral part of providing services/benefits and promoting safety and stability for families. Home visits are appropriate when: Confirmation of the accuracy of information cannot be obtained from other sources An office visit would create a hardship on the household A TANF case is closed due to failure to cooperate with TANF […]