National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): Voter Registration Application

During a face-to-face encounter with a client, you should always have a Voter Registration Application available to give the client, as well as a DHS pre-addressed, postage paid envelope. Give the client the envelope if they want to complete the Voter Registration Application at home.

You must give the client the entire Voter Registration Application, including the instructions.

Ask the client to read the Oath on the application to determine whether he or she is eligible to register to vote.

You should also point out the instructions on the form, especially regarding the need for a finding address if the client does not have a street or 911 address.

Ask if the client wants your help in reading the instructions and filling out the application or wants to fill it out in private.

DHS is required to provide the same amount of assistance in completing the Voter Registration Application as we do in completing DHS forms.

Assistance may include:

  • Reading the instructions and application questions to the client
  • Helping him or her answer the questions
  • Completing the form for the client

You must not make any statements or take any actions that lead the client to believe that a decision to register or not to register to vote has any bearing on the availability of services or benefits.

When the client completes the Voter Registration Application in the office, the worker reviews it for completeness and points out any missing information. Inform the client the completed application will be mailed to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

If a client gives you a completed or partially completed Voter Registration Application, it is your responsibility to make sure the application is date – and – location stamped and given to the local voter registration site coordinator the same day.

If you notice it is incomplete while the client is in the office, point out missing information and ask the client to complete the application.

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