National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) – Overview

To give an overview of the National Voter Registration Act with links to pertinent information.

Voter Registration Offer

FAQS related to the Offer of Voter Registration

Support Staff Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding the role of support staff with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). What are the Support Staff voter registration responsibilities as the first point of contact for DHS? When a client comes to the office regarding a qualifying event and does not want to see a worker, support staff is […]

Voter Registration – Forms

To explain the use of the NVRA forms.

UpdatedPublic Assistance Procedures

Policy Links Regarding Chapter 65 Public Assistance Procedures

Interview Process

Interviews are conducted for the purpose of assessing the needs of the individual making application to determine if additional services are needed and to obtain or request the necessary income and resource documentation to determine financial eligibility for the services being requested. If applicant is a recipient of SSI, see SSI-Criteria State articles. The interview […]

Recording Responses in FACS

AFS staff must record the client’s responses to the voter preference question in FACS by selecting the appropriate answer(s) for the Voter Registration Dialogue box. The computer system will then keep track of qualifying events and client responses and automatically record a case note. OKDHSLive! includes a voter registration screen where the client must answer […]

Voter Registration Services

Voter registration services – AFS staff is federally mandated to offer voter registration services to applicants and recipients to persons applying for benefits, completing a mid-certification benefit renewal, annual benefit renewal, or SNAP certification renewal; or reporting an address or name change.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices regarding various aspects of your work in AFS.

Voter Registration Annual Training

As Adult and Family Services staff you are required to offer voter registration to applicants and recipients.