National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) – Overview

To give an overview of the National Voter Registration Act with links to pertinent information.

Systems Related

The following are FAQS on Systems and National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): What happens when the client submits an address change at the same time he or she submits a benefit renewal or application? If the client uses OKDHSLive! to submit the address change and renewal, the Voter Registration Application will go to the new […]

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding  Site Coordinator responsibilities with National Voter Registration Act: Is DHS responsible for mailing the voter registration applications completed in the office to the State Election Board? Yes, staff is responsible for giving the local voter registration site coordinator all completed or partially completed voter registration applications on a daily basis. […]

Mailing Voter Registration Applications

FAQS on Mailing Voter Registration Application

Voter Registration Offer

FAQS related to the Offer of Voter Registration

Support Staff Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding the role of support staff with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). What are the Support Staff voter registration responsibilities as the first point of contact for DHS? When a client comes to the office regarding a qualifying event and does not want to see a worker, support staff is […]

Voter Registration – Forms

To explain the use of the NVRA forms.

FACS Coding

Upon opening FACS, the Voter Registration Request window will automatically open. Select the action taken for this case. After checking your selection, click Continue. If a qualifying event is chosen, a 2nd Voter Registration Request dialogue box will display. Provide the client with a Voter Registration Statement (during face to face contacts) and read the […]

Voter Registration Application

During a face-to-face encounter with a client, you should always have a Voter Registration Application available to give the client, as well as a DHS pre-addressed, postage paid envelope. Give the client the envelope if they want to complete the Voter Registration Application at home. You must give the client the entire Voter Registration Application, including […]

Qualifying Events

**Voter registration must be offered every time a client has a qualifying event**  **Voter registration must be offered no matter the amount of time that has passed since the last qualifying event. ** What are qualifying events? Qualifying events include: Applying for new AFS benefits or a SNAP certification renewal not initiated through OKDHSLive! A […]