Bridges out of Poverty: Difference in Views Related to Economic Levels

Issues are addressed differently at the different economic levels.

When we look at our communities the class we belong to may direct how we look at the communities as a whole. When I hear about issues within the communities the ones that are closer to home for me are the ones that I may find to have the greatest interest.

In Poverty and the community the issues may be more about the hourly wages, are there employment opportunities, safety in the school system, an affordable housing market, having a place to rent or live, welfare benefits, fairness of law enforcement, are there gangs in the area, access to emergency rooms, public transportation and having enough food.

In Middle Class and the community the issues may be about appropriate, challenging jobs that offer salary and benefits, not only safety in the schools but also the quality of the schools, property values, quality of the neighborhood, taxes, safety, and crime rates, cost of medical insurance, quality and expertise of medical profession, network of freeways, traffic congestion, time spent commuting, access to quality restaurants and a variety and quality of food available.

In Wealth and the community the issues may be more about maintenance and growth of assets, quality and quantity of the workforce, k-12 higher education continuum, technical innovation, intermediate colleges and trade schools, corporate investment potential, infrastructural to support development, balance of trade, percentage of taxes, tort liability, corporate contributions, percentages of government indebtedness, risk management, bond ratings, insurance ratings, cost/predicted cost of medical benefits, workers compensation, systems of transportation (railway, bus, air, etc.), maintenance of the infrastructure, access to high-quality restaurants, amenities for clients, availability of fresh food.

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