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Difference in Views Related to Economic Levels

Issues are addressed differently at the different economic levels. When we look at our communities the class we belong to may direct how we look at the communities as a whole. When I hear about issues within the communities the ones that are closer to home for me are the ones that I may find […]

11 Essential Resources

Bridges Out of Poverty defines poverty as the extent to which one does without resources. Resources are tools one uses to navigate their environment and survive it. The more resources you have the better equipped you are to be successful in your environment. Financial Money to purchase goods and services Emotional Ability to control emotional […]

Mental Model of Poverty

The Mental Model of Poverty gives us a concrete visual representation of the various aspects of life faced by individuals experiencing generational poverty. It gives us a visual to prompt discussion on the topic. The model was created by individuals living in poverty and depicts the interlocking nature of the elements. It shows us that […]

Provider Change

The following are instructions on how to process a child care facility change.

Why Customer Service is Important

Displaying quality customer service in every customer interaction will give customers the assurance that YOU CARE about the customer, their situation and the importance of the work you do. You are engaged in a career of service, where you can derive satisfaction from the many opportunities you have to help customers and their families. Possessing […]

Community Tool Box

The Office of Community and Faith Engagement is pleased to provide a Community Engagement Tool Box for your perusal. The Kansas Work Group for Community Health and Development has graciously given permission for OKDHS staff to utilize this tool. The Community Tool Box is a Creative Commons publication, so users are encouraged to share the […]

In-Home Provider

Updated 10/24/23 In Home Provider When eligibility has been determined and the customer wishes to use an in-home child care provider; Advise the customer to email inhomechildcare@okdhs.org for information about what is needed for the in-home provider Email inhomechildcare@okdhs.org with the case number and name for the edit override relating to no authorization on the […]

Why Child Care is Important

Our mission is to assist families lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives.

Child Care Overview

Providing assistance to Oklahoma families