Long Term Care (LTC): UpdatedPACE – Services Provided by PACE

PACE was created as a way to provide clients, their families, caregivers, and professional health care providers the flexibility to meet their health care needs, and to help them to continue living in their community.

The PACE benefit package for all participants, regardless of the source of payment, must include but is not limited to the following:

  1. All SoonerCare-covered services, as specified in the State’s approved Medicaid State Plan;
  2. IDT and treatment planning;
  3. Primary care, including physician and nursing services;
  4. Social work services;
  5. Restorative therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services;
  6. Personal care and supportive services;
  7. Nutritional counseling;
  8. Recreational therapy;
  9. Transportation;
  10. Meals;
  11. Medical specialty services including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Anesthesiology;
    2. Audiology;
    3. Cardiology;
    4. Dentistry;
    5. Dermatology;
    6. Gastroenterology;
    7. Gynecology;
    8. Internal medicine;
    9. Nephrology;
    10. Neurosurgery;
    11. Oncology;
    12. Ophthalmology;
    13. Oral surgery;
    14. Orthopedic surgery;
    15. Otorhinolaryngology;
    16. Plastic surgery;
    17. Pharmacy consulting services;
    18. Podiatry;
    19. Psychiatry;
    20. Pulmonary disease;
    21. Radiology;
    22. Rheumatology;
    23. General surgery;
    24. Thoracic and vascular surgery; and
    25. Urology.
  12. Laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures;
  13. Drugs and biologicals;
  14. Prosthetics, orthotics, medical supplies, equipment, and appliances, corrective vision devices, such as eyeglasses and lenses, hearing aids, dentures, and repair and maintenance of these items;
  15. Acute inpatient care, including the following:
    1. Ambulance;
    2. Emergency room care and treatment room services;
    3. Semi-private room and board;
    4. General medical and nursing services;
    5. Medical surgical/intensive care/coronary care unit;
    6. Laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures;
    7. Drugs and biologicals
    8. Blood and blood derivatives;
    9. Surgical care, including the use of anesthesia;
    10. Use of oxygen;
    11. Physical, occupational, respiratory therapies, and speech-language pathology services; and
    12. Social services.
  16. Nursing facility (NF) care, including:
    1. Semi-private room and board;
    2. Physician and skilled nursing services;
    3. Custodial care;
    4. Personal care and assistance;
    5. Drugs and biologicals;
    6. Physical, occupational, recreational therapies, and speech-language pathology, if necessary;
    7. Social services; and
    8. Medical supplies, equipment, and appliances.
  17. Other services determined necessary by the IDT to improve and maintain the participant’s overall health status.

**Some services may require pre-authorizations. Contact OHCA for details.**

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