ADvantage Waiver Appeal Procedures

OHCA Appeals Unit handles the appeals for ADvantage (not DHS Appeals Unit)

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Case Number Changes for ADvantage or SPPC Cases

Procedures for Case Number Changes

Differences between Personal Care & ADvantage Waivers

Key Differences between Personal Care and ADvantage Waivers.

Income – Earned Income FAQS

Earned income when determining vendor payments

Medicaid Timeliness Reports

Medical Timeliness including Long Term Care Authorizations.

Waivered Service Programs – Living Choice Waiver

Other Waivered Programs – Living Choice

PACE – Services Provided by PACE

Services provided by PACE

ADvantage and Other Waivers with SSP (Couple)

Although each spouse’s income is considered separately when determining financial eligibility for long-term care, there’s no provision in SSP policy to allow the Community Spouse to become eligibile for SSP when the couple’s combined income is over the ABD couple standard. When one or both is approved for ADvantage or other HCBW all income is […]

ADvantage and Other Waivers – Determining Resource Eligibility

The resource standard for an individual is as shown on Appendix C-1 , Schedule VIII.D If applicant has a spouse, see article entitled “Spousal Impoverishment” Exempt Resources: Home Property (as long as client continues to reside there and has equity interest less than the maximum home equity standard as shown on Appendix C-1, Schedule VIII.D.2) […]

ADvantage Waiver

ADvantage Waiver – a long term care SoonerCare (Medicaid) program.  Persons using this program are eligible for nursing home level of care but chose to receive services to remain in their homes.  Policy regarding this term is located at: SoonerCare (Medicaid): 317:35-17-1. Overview of long-term medical care services; relationship to QMBP, SLMB and other Medicaid […]