Reports: PPM Dashboard

PPM Dashboard is the web based application for viewing Family Support Reports. It is used for SNAP, Child Care Certification and Denials, and TANF one – and – two parent reports. It provides reports which track timeliness for SNAP and Child Care as well as participation levels for TANF.

  • You will only be able to review the actual Child Care and SNAP reports you previously viewed in Document Direct. No other reports are loaded into Dashboard.
  • The SNAP reports are based on supervisor/worker number, not Social Security Number.
  • Data (for SNAP and Child Care) for the previous month is available Tuesday following the first Sunday of the month.
  • Data (for TANF) for the previous month is available the 28th of the current month.
  • You will be able to view reports for the past 2 years.

Dashboard allows you to look at data in a broad or detailed manner, and it allows drilling into data for more detail.
Be aware that once a supervisor/worker number is captured by Dashboard on a certification or denial, it will remain there. Therefore, it is very important to ensure cases are in the correct county, supervisor and worker numbers when they are certified or denied.

How do I begin?

  • From the Adult and Family Services page, scroll down to Report Section.
  • Select PPM Dashboard

PPM dashboard home menu

This opens (PPM) Dashboard. Click on the program report that you would like to view. [The FNS-366 Worker Application Processing Reports (CD981) is used in this example.]

PPM dashboard OKDHS home menu

This will open a new window and give you a drop down menu to select the specific report you want to access or change the report series you wish to view without having to go back to the main page.

Select a report screen

Choose the specific report you would like to view and Click on the “submit” button.

select a report menu expanded

Additional criteria from which to choose will be offered of each selected report in order to narrow down the search and/or find the specific information needed.

For example, to find the report statistics for Indio County (J) group 26 choose the following options.
*Some counties will be shown in multiple places due to Area / Region changes which occurred.

report criteria details

A selection is also needed for the “Month” and “Year” data. These fields default to the previous month.
Finally, pick a choice for the “Report Format” field. The HTML option opens in Internet Explorer. The PDF choice generates a printer friendly view and the Excel option will create an excel spreadsheet file.

select workers for report screen

Once all of the options have been selected, click on the “Run Report” button.

Sample report screen

There are three choices for viewing reports, HTML, PDF, and Excel. The HTML format allows additional information to be obtained by clicking the hyperlinks in the report. For example, the “worker 2656” link will generate a detailed report including which case is delinquent. The clicking of links and graphs to obtain more specific information is called “drilling down”.

report headings

There are many useful reports in (PPM) Dashboard. Recent additions include the Region, County, Supervisor, and Worker Trending Reports. These reports allow you to track statistics over multiple months or compare statistics for specific months.
From the “Select a Report” window, choose the trending report that you want and click the “submit” button. [FNS-366 SNAP – Supervisor in County Summary Trending (CD981R2STR) is used below.]

select a report menu expanded

To narrow down the search, complete the additional information requested and select the specific months for which you want the statistics.
To compare the report statistics for Indio county (C) group 60 for January through June 2013 against January through June 2014, choose the following options:
Use Ctrl key to select multiple options.

select workers for report screen

Finally, choose an option for the “Report Format” and the click the “run report” button.

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