CWA: CWA Overview

CWA Reports are on-line, near-real-time reports of information taken from the IMS system alerting you to specific conditions occurring now or soon to be occurring in one or several of your cases. These reports are entirety within the IMS/PS2 System, with some key reports available from the InfoNet. For example, the system will track your cases in application status under the “01” section of the CWA.

How Do I Access CWA Reports?

CWA Reports are delivered to you upon entering the IMS transaction “CWA” and a space, followed by specific county and/or worker information. You must specify a county and location with the transaction for instance type “CWA (space) 09C” and press enter.

Refer to article: CWA: How to Access CWA Report from ACES

The remainder of the transaction is up to you. You may type supervisor number following the county office and location. You may type worker number after that. For example, “CWA (space) 09C0201” and press enter. If you desire a specific report, you need to enter whatever you choose of supervisor and worker, then another space and designate the report. For example, “CWA (space) 09C0201 (space) 95” and press enter. If you’d like to see report 95 for the whole county, type “CWA (space) 09C (space) 95” and press enter.

What Will CWA Reports Tell Me?

CWA Reports provide workers and supervisors with targeted lists of their specific cases that may require some action or update to prevent or solve problems, issues, changes, or updates to benefits, or may also tell them what actions were taken for them, such as the CWA 12 and 65 reports. It is a useful tool to enable workers to keep track of a wide variety of issues over time that may easily be forgotten or lost.  In short, CWA Reports tells staff what their caseload consists of with regard to actions taken, or actions they need to take.

Who Should Use CWA Reports?

We all should use them. CWA reports are a critical performance management tool for workers, supervisors, County Directors, Area and State Office Staff alike. Social Services Specialists: CWA reports will keep track of your work for you, if you let them. They will automatically remind you of part of your job duties. But they are only as good as the data you enter into the system. The old saying “garbage in, garbage out” applies to CWA reports as well. For instance, CWA 01 will not and cannot remind you of pending applications if the section is not put into application status. Social Services Supervisors would benefit from checking CWA reports at least every week for monitoring and evaluating staff performance.

Why Are The Reports Important?

The reports are important because they allow us to do our jobs more effectively. They “free our brains” from menial tickler systems and cards and allow us to do social work knowing the computer will remind us of some of our everyday tasks pertaining to our caseload. Last, CWA reports are important for accountability reasons.

What Causes A Case to Show Up on (or be removed from) CWA reports?

Each CWA specification describes what causes a case to display on a CWA Report, and consequently, how a case will “drop off” or can be removed from a CWA Report.

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