Reports: TANF Participation Reports

FSS155M1 (Worker Detail Report)

Displays each authorization and the total hours loaded for each authorization for the report month.

  • The column labeled “Hours Partic” displays the sum of all hours loaded for the report month (not to exceed 176 hours).
  • The “Ave Hour” column shows the calculated average, based on the report month’s number of days:
    • 31 Day Months: Total Participation Hours / 4.36
    • 30 Day Months: Total Participation Hours / 4.15
    • February Month: Total Participation Hours / 4.00
  • The report will disregard sanctioned cases (“N9”) from the participation report 3 times, after which time it will count as a participating case (the same as if it were “RR”). Also, the number of sanctions will appear on the report, so if the client has had 2 sanctions, it will appear as “N9-2.”
  • Those cases where the clients are coded as “EU” or “MP” are automatically updated 1 day before the second negative action deadline.
  • Participation Calculation or “Participation Calc Summary” (Lower Right Corner) displays how they meet minimum participation requirements
    • “Y” = Yes
    • “N” = No
    • “0” = Not Included in Participation Calculation
  • Worker’s Participation Rate or “Wkr Part Rate” is calculated by dividing the sum of the cases coded “Y” in the “Part Calc” column by the sum of cases coded “Y” and “N”
  • FSS155M1T is the 2-Parent version of this report that shows the same information as the single-parent report, with these exceptions: The “Part” Column shows “Y” for participators, “N” for Non-Participators, “0” for Clients Not Included, “U” for Unemployed Parents, and “?” when an invalid code is used.

FS155M2 (Area by County By Supervisor/Worker) FS155M3, FS155M4, FS155M5 (Summary Reports)

  • Non Participation Cases: All cases coded “N” in the “Part Calc” column
  • Non-Participators, or “N” cases, are displayed in separate columns:
    • X*: All cases where there is an X* auth and no auth coded “Y” or “N”
    • Zero Part: All cases where there is no auth on the case or there is an auth with zero hours entered for the report month.
  • 52A, 52B, and 29B Closures Pending are “Subject to Sanction” cases. They are not counted as participating cases for this report month (coded “0”).

Two-Parent Summary Reports (FS155M2T, FS155M3, FS155M5T)

Displays the same information as the Single Parent reports, but displays the composition of both parents in the TANF household for incapacity and unemployed parents.

  • The combinations are:
    • RR-MP/RR-MP: Both Parents are Required Registrants
    • RR-MP/CD: One parent is a Required Registrant and one parent is a caretaker
    • RR-MP/DI: One parent is a Required Registrant and one parent is disabled.
    • CD/DI: One parent is a Caretaker and one parent is disabled.
    • Other: This is an invalid category and case requires review.

TANF Work Participation (FS155 Reports) TANF Work “EU”

  • When a client has a child under the age of 4 months, the report automatically exempts that client from participation for 3 full months from the date of birth of the child.
  • The work participation status on the report will display EU.

TANF Case Management Report (FS155CM)

The FS155CM is used for managing your current caseload, and displays a case list based on the worker of record at the time the report is run.

  • The details of the report represent the participation information for that client based on the last participation report from the previous calendar month.
  • There is no participation calculation for this report as it is intended for case management purposes only.

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