SNAP: Citizenship and Alien Status Examples

The following are examples of Citizenship and Alien Status with regards to SNAP benefits:

Example 1:

Jose, Savanna, and their two children apply for SNAP benefits on 09/15/16. Savanna and the two children are U.S. citizens. Jose states that he is not a citizen, but he has a permanent resident card. The entry date shown on the permanent resident card is at least 5 years prior to the application date. Worker has the supervisor run a SAVE report to verify Jose’s alien status, and it confirms the alien status.

  • Jose is an eligible alien and all household members will be coded “S/A.”

Example 2:

Rose has applied for SNAP benefits as a single individual household. During the interview she states that she has moved to Oklahoma from the Philippines and is not a U.S. citizen. She provides a permanent resident card which shows her entry date less than 5 years ago. Rose does not meet any other criteria or eligibility requirement to be qualified.

  • Rose is considered an ineligible alien, and therefore ineligible to receive SNAP benefits. The application is denied.

Example 3:

Miguel, Jessica, and their children Anna, Jose, and Michael apply for SNAP benefits. Miguel and Jessica declare that they are non-citizens, although their three children are U.S. citizens. Jessica provided a copy of her permanent resident card that shows an entry date of at least 5 years prior to the application date. Miguel does not have any documentation. A SAVE report confirms that Jessica is an eligible alien. Miguel is self-employed and provided verification of income. He is also responsible for the payment of rent and utilities.

  • Jessica (eligible alien) and each of the children (all citizens) are eligible for SNAP benefits. Jessica and each of the children will be coded “S/A.” Miguel is considered an undocumented alien and is ineligible for SNAP benefits. Miguel will be coded “S/O.”
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