Eligibility – Citizenship / Alienage Status

Citizenship / Alienage Status & TANF Eligibility

Eligibility – Household Composition & Other Factors

AFS Handbook Information – Eligibility – Household Composition & Other Factors

Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants

SNAP Policy, SAVE Verification Procedures regarding Iraqi and Afghan Immigrants

TANF Eligibility Verification Guide

Eligibility Factors and Acceptable Verification

Agency View – MEMBERS

Instructions for the Member Tab in Agency View

Systematic Alien Verification For Entitlement (SAVE) Links

Provide links to SAVE website and SAVE verification Website.

How to Get Access to SAVE

Steps to gain access to the SAVE website.

Citizenship and Alien Status FAQS

FAQS concerning Citizenship and Alien Status

Citizenship and Alien Status Examples

Examples of using Citizenship and Alien Policy

NON-PS2 Instructions (Household)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS Household Tab.