NewRefugee – Immigration Documents

Provides information on what is needed for Immigration Documents for Refugee Individuals

Eligibility – Citizenship / Alienage Status

Citizenship / Alienage Status & TANF Eligibility

Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants

SNAP Policy, SAVE Verification Procedures regarding Iraqi and Afghan Immigrants


Explanation of Updated Policy on SNAP Resources regarding Substantial Lottery Winnings & Sponsored Aliens.

Eligibility for Aliens and FACS Coding

Learn the different status types of aliens, what each can be eligible for and how they are coded in FACS

How to Certify Alien Emergency Medical

The steps to take in certifying someone for emergency medical.

How to Get Access to SAVE

Steps to gain access to the SAVE website.

Citizenship and Alien Status FAQS

FAQS concerning Citizenship and Alien Status

Citizenship and Alien Status Examples

Examples of using Citizenship and Alien Policy

Undocumented Aliens

Undocumented alien – is an individual who is not a United States citizen and does not have documents to verify he or she entered the country legally.