Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Medical ID Cards

OHCA no longer issues and/or prints copies of the plastic Medical ID cards.  Providers can go online via the Eligibility Verification System (“Provider Network”) and verify a member’s eligibility.  However, if the member needs a physical card for medical purposes or community resources purposes he/she can access the card as follows:

  1. Online Enrollment members can log on to their Online Member Account and print the card,
  2. Non-Online Enrollment members can visit their local DHS county office to obtain a printed version of the card.  DHS staff will enter the member’s information into the Eligibility tab on MMIS Extranet.  Worker can then click on the link “Display Member Id Card” to print a copy of the front/back of the Medical ID card.

As OKDHS employees, we can provide them a copy by checking eligibility using MMIS

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