Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): How to Use MMIS

MMIS stands for:
Medicaid Management Information System.  It is used to verify eligibility for medical programs.

Access MMIS Extranet from your desktop or from the InfoNet.  Refer to article: How Do I Access MMIS Extranet from the InfoNet?

On the initial screen of MMIS Extranet Page, click Eligibility

MMIS Extranet Page

Select from 4 options to look up Medicaid Eligibility. These are:

  • Member ID
  • SSN and Date of Birth:
  • First and Last Name
  • Case Number

MMIS can be entered for 1 year at a time, for any time period you need except future dates. MMIS only goes back 10 years. The dates can be entered like 020115 & 013116, then once you tab over it converts to 02/01/15 and 01/31/16.

After you enter the search parameters, click the Search Button.

MMIS can only display five (5) lines so you may have to decrease the search period to a more specific date to see everything.

The following is an example screen in MMIS:

MMIS Screen

The following are examples of what to look for on MMIS for each medical program.

  • Advantage
    MMIS - Eligibility - ADvantage Waiver is highlighted.
  • SLMB
    MMIS - Eligibility - SLMB is highlighted
  • ABD-Related Medical with Medicare
    MMIS - ABD - Medicare A and Medicare B are highlighted.
  • ABD-Related Medical without Medicare
    MMIS - ABD - SoonerCare Choice is highlighted
  • Nursing Facility
    MMIS - Level of Care Nursing Facility is highlighted
  • Personal Care
    – Provider I.D.s that end with the numbers 8020 indicate Personal Care benefits.
    MMIS - Level of Care - Provider ID and Personal Care are highlighted

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