Initial Denial with 2nd Month Certification

Instructions regarding cases that have a denial in the month of application, but can be certified the month after.

Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD)

Policy Links Regarding ABD

Medical ID Cards

Explain to employees how medical ID cards can be obtained.

How to Certify QMBP

Certifying the medical and buy-in benefits under QMBP eligibility

How to Process Personal Care for Online Enrollment Individuals.

Process for Personal Care applications for individual that are category related by Online Enrollment.

How to Synchronize ABD Medical and SNAP Benefits.

The ABD review date needs to be synchronized with SNAP to prevent multiple renewals for the client and prevent errors and additional work for the worker. If the ABD and SNAP benefits are certified at the same time, those dates will already be synchronized. If a new SNAP application is taken, the opportunity should be […]

Syncing Child Care with SNAP – What should E7 be?

Synchronizing Child Care with SNAP – What should E7 equal? C.2 SNAP Certification Date C.36 SNAP Benefit Reporter Date E.7 Child Care Last Redetermination Date a.When your client has SNAP and is in the first 6 months of the SNAP certification when he or she applies for Child Care, the system will synchronize benefits by […]

How Do I Code Phenylketonuria (PKU) Eligibility in FACS?

Eligibility Pending inclusion in the SSI-DCP permanent rules, the following eligibility requirements must be met by the applicant. Individual must: Be under age 21 Be a resident of Oklahoma Provide verification of a diagnosis of Phenylketonuria (PKU) No income / resource limits for this program. Certification If the client is not eligible for Title XIX […]


Notice – when an action is taken to open, close, increase, or decrease benefits, the system sends a computer generated notice to a client. When a notice does not generate and should, the worker must issue a hand-generated notice.

UpdatedNursing Facility (NF) Applications Processing Certifications

Steps to take when processing a certification on Nursing Facility (NF) Applications