Leadership: Field Manager Process – Employee Accidents

Call 911 for emergency medical assistance if needed.

Reach out to your local Support Services Coordinator (SSC). If unsure of who you are to contact, please see the link: Support Services Coordinators (sharepoint.com)
Policy: OKDHS: 2-15-1.1), 340:2-15-5
Scan forms to STO.HRMD.RISKMGMT@okdhs.org, or
FAX forms to Risk Management 405-521-2802
If employee refuses emergency assistance and needs transported a supervisor should transport them.
For further information regarding Reporting a Workplace Accident please contact Risk Management at email riskandsafety@okdhs.org
A helpful tutorial on how to report an Accident can be found here:  How to report an Accident 6.15.2023.pptx (sharepoint.com).

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