Lump Sums

Explanation of Lump Sum Policy and Scenarios

Vehicle Incident

Procedures for Incidents regarding Vehicles

Accident / Incident Reports

Responding to Work-Related Illnesses and Accidents

AFS Administrative Oversight Task List

Task List of responsibilities under Administrative Oversight

County Director Process – Employee Accidents

Call 911 for emergency medical assistance if needed. State of Oklahoma Workers Compensation Documents Policy: OKDHS: 2-15-1.1, 340:2-15-5 Scan forms to, or FAX forms to Risk Management 405-521-2802 If employee refuses emergency assistance and needs transported a supervisor should transport them. For further information regarding Reporting a Workplace Accident refer to the SOP.

County Director Process – Workplace Injury

Instructions regarding injury that occurs in the workplace.

County Director Process – Return to Work

Instructions for Return to Work

Income – Earned vs. Unearned

Q/A examples of determining income to be earned or unearned.

UpdatedSafety – Workers’ Compensation Forms

When an employee experiences a workplace injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance covers related medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. Employees should report all work-related injuries to their supervisors immediately no matter the severity. Human Resource Management’s Risk and Safety Management The employee’s supervisor completes a thorough investigation of the incident using […]

Safety – Reporting a Workplace Accident

REPORTING A WORKPLACE ACCIDENT It is each employee’s responsibility to notify his or her supervisor (If the supervisor is not onsite, the administrative assistant should be contacted and will initiate the process), immediately after an incident occurs regardless of how slight the injury may seem to be. Following the instructions on the Worker’s Compensation website […]