Leadership: Field Manager Process – Investigations

Field Manager must report all complaints of alleged employee fraud, misconduct, or criminal behavior to the Office of Inspector General and those complaints are documented and investigated promptly.

Referrals can be made in person, by telephone at (405) 522-5880, email at OIG.REFERRALManagementUnit@okdhs.org, or in writing.

Policy: OKDHS: 2-7-1
Form: 19MP001E OIG Referral Form (Located on the Forms page on the InfoNet).
Refer to article OIG Referrals: Making a Referral to the OIG

Contact the Information Security Management Unit OIG (405) 522-0541 with the following information when a forensic audit of DHS computer access is needed for an employee.

Case Number:
Case Name:
Worker U Number:
Worker Name:
Dates for review:

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