TANF Disqualification

TANF Fraud and Disqualification

County Director Process – Investigations


County Director Process – Fraud

DHS employees may email OIG.REFERRAL MANAGEMENT UNIT to report client, vendor, or employee fraud. For further guidance see Office of Inspector General Reporting Guidelines and Making a quality OIG Referral. Policy: OKDHS 340:65-9-4 Refer to article Child Care Subsidy: When to Make OIG Referrals.

Disqualifications (FSD Transaction)

How disqualifications appear on FSD Screen in IMS, instructions to call.

How to Fill Out an OIG-1 Form

The OIG-1 form can be completed on the computer and then printed out. The form would then be sent to OIG along with any supporting documentation.

UpdatedPublic Assistance Procedures

Policy Links Regarding Chapter 65 Public Assistance Procedures

Disqualification Coding

Negative Actions

Program Violation

Program violation – this occurs when the client does not follow program rules.  This may result in a reduction in benefits or an overpayment assessment.   Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-7-10. General provisions regarding income. Public Assistance Procedures (TANF and SSP): 340:65-9-1. Scope and applicability; 340:65-9-2. Overpayments by classification; and […]


Overpayment – an overpayment claim occurs when a household receives more benefits or a child care provider receives more payment than it is entitled to receive.