Field Manager Process – Investigations


UpdatedField Manager Process – Fraud

DHS employees may email OIG.REFERRAL MANAGEMENT UNIT to report client, vendor, or employee fraud. For further guidance see Office of Inspector General Sharepoint OIG Policy: OKDHS: 340:65-9-4 Refer to articles Child Care Subsidy: When to Make OIG Referrals and Making a Referral to the OIG | Quest ( Refer customers who wish to report fraud […]

Fair Hearings and Overpayment Claims

Fair Hearing requests will often be sent to the county office of record for a case. If the overpayment being appealed was submitted / written by an employee at the county office, it is the responsibility of that employee (or another designated county office employee) to complete the hearing summary (Form 13MP002E, H-1-A) and represent […]

Disqualifications and Monetary Penalties

An important part of the claim establishment process is determining who is at fault. A claim is either the result of a DHS or household error. A household error claim may occur unintentionally through an honest mistake, or intentionally through misrepresentation of facts or fraud. SNAP and TANF household errors with fraudulent intent are called […]

Benefit Integrity and Recovery FAQ’s

How do I contact the Benefit Integrity and Recovery and what does the section do? You can e-mail Benefit Integrity and Recovery (BIR) at or call at 405-522-0933. BIR is responsible for establishing claims and recovering over-issuances for Adult and Family Services (AFS) programs. BIR is charged with ensuring overpayment claims are written according […]

UpdatedHow Do I Submit an OIG Referral?

Referrals can be submitted to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) by the following methods: If you are a DHS Employee: E-mail referral to OIG Referral Management Unit Note: An e-mail referral does not require the use of an OIG-1 form. Be sure to write out the facts regarding the referral in the e-mail. Submit […]

OIG Overview

Oversees and preserves the integrity of DHS programs and services

Client Responsibilities

OKDHS Clients Have These Responsibilities: I Agree let DHS give information about me to other government agencies or private organizations to get help for me let DHS make any necessary investigation or request to verify the information I give provide the documents necessary to establish my eligibility notify the local DHS office of changes in […]